Great Teachers - Ana Maria Shapira

Ana Maria Shapira has been a professional tango teacher and dancer for more than a decade. She teaches not just Argentines but foreign students from all over the world. She has her own academy, training in excess of 200 students every week with the assistance of handpicked and qualified instructors. No other teacher in Buenos Aires can claim this number of students on a weekly basis.

Ana gives men and women the tools they need to allow them to dance in Buenos Aires and on dance floors worldwide. She sees her job as recovering and protecting spontaneous steps/choreographies that the talented but little-known Milongueros display night after night in the Milongas. These are choreographies that otherwise would be lost if not preserved by her.
Over the years she has not only taught tango and waltz but has given various seminars for men and women.

She was and still is on the judging panel of the Tango Festival organized by the Cultural Secretariat of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires, where she has also given lessons every year since the year 2002. She was a Teacher of the World Tango Festival in 2004 and 2005.

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